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The future of logistics

To secure the logistics of the future, Region Örebro County has taken several steps to create conditions for the commercialization of drone traffic.

We prepare for drone transports

In order to create the conditions for commercial drone traffic, Region Örebro County has become a full member in the Urban Air Mobility Initiative. A UIC2 manifesto has been signed, which means that Region Örebro County has taken a stand that the regions and the municipalities are responsible for the planning of infrastructure in the lower airspace. The initiative is an important step to create the conditions for the commercialization of drone traffic.

The possibility of commercial traffic

The Urban-Air-Mobility Initiative Cities Community, (UIC2), is one of the platforms in the European Union initiative Smart Cities and was launched in 2017. UIC2 acts from the needs of cities and regions in commercial drone traffic. Today, the commercial drone traffic is small-scale. One of the existing challenges is to regulate the traffic as it takes place in the lower airspace and affects the urban landscape. Örebro, with one of the Nordic region’s best logistics locations, wants to work towards giving operators the possibility to operate on a commercial market.

Collaboration between strong operators

To create the conditions for commercial drone traffic, a working group consisting of Region Örebro County, Örebro University, Örebro Airport, and Business Region Örebro has been put together. The group works towards creating the conditions for last mile solutions as well as long-distance traffic with drones. One important aspect is to have a structured airspace to fly in.

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Business Region Örebro

Business Region Örebro, owned by Region Örebro County, is a partnership between all municipalities of the Örebro region: Askersund, Degerfors, Hallsberg, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindeberg, Ljusnarsberg, Nora, and Örebro. Business Region Örebro manages business issues and drives growth by supporting more entrepreneurs to start up, establish, and expand their businesses in the region.

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