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The Örebro region

The Örebro region is doing great. Businesses are growing and the job market is strong. Our prosperous development has been noticed all over the country. With 156,000 citizens in the city and 303,000 in the region, Örebro is now one of the fastest growing areas in Sweden.

More than 14,000 companies in various industries experience good times now – IT, technology and industry, health and care, construction, bank and finance, and science and education, to name a few. In 2020 we registered more newly started companies in one year than ever before.

Stable conditions

In addition to thriving trade and industry, we have a very strong public sector. More than 26 national authorities are represented in our 12 counties, such as the Swedish Transport Agency, Statistics Sweden, the National Agency for Special Need Education and Schools, and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service.

Örebro also has the most prominent medical school in the country. Immediate access to leading hospitals and more than 50 scientists focusing on artificial intelligence have put us and the university in a top position, both among students and in international university rankings.

Supreme location

Örebro is close to everything. It’s easy to travel between counties and several larger cities. The train between Örebro and Kumla takes 6 minutes and you can reach Stockholm from Hallsberg in only one hour and 15 minutes. Our unique location attracts more entrepreneurs each year; in 2021 Örebro was ranked as the third best logistics location in the country.

Being the demographic centre in Sweden comes with certain benefits. Within a radius of 300 km you can reach 70 percent of the national population; Örebro Airport is the fourth largest cargo airport in the country with the capacity to handle the world’s biggest cargo aircraft; and the infrastructure is extensive. Here you’ll find the major railway hub in Hallsberg, the European highways E18 and E20, and the national route Bergslagsdiagonalen. Together these form a strong core for transports and logistics, making Örebro the top location for e-hubs and distribution centres.


Number of citizens: approx. 303,000

Labour market: fourth largest labour market in the country

Number of companies: approx. 14,000

Major workplaces: Region Örebro County, Humana Assistans AB, Epiroc Drills AB, Örebro University, Ahlsell Sverige AB, SAAB Dynamics AB


Business Region Örebro

Business Region Örebro, owned by Region Örebro County, is a partnership between all municipalities of the Örebro region: Askersund, Degerfors, Hallsberg, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindeberg, Ljusnarsberg, Nora, and Örebro. Business Region Örebro manages business issues and drives growth by supporting more entrepreneurs to start up, establish, and expand their businesses in the region.

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