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The Örebro region always aim for a good business climate. That requires a good process and that the companies feel that the municipal authority service gives the right support and help.

Business climate

We always aim for the Örebro region to be an attractive region for companies to establish and develop in. To succeed with this, an understanding of the significance of the companies for the entire region is required and that the business perspective and its conditions are a natural part of the entire region’s work.

Working for a good process

We create an understanding on how the business climate develops in the region as a whole as well as with the individual member municipality. Within the Business Service and Business Climate area, Business Region Örebro is supporting the municipalities to secure an efficient and good process towards the trade and industry.

Authority service – a prioritised area

The companies’ experience of the municipal authority service is an especially prioritised area. The understanding of the present situation and development potential gives the municipalities the possibility to work out concrete measures for improvement and development. Within the area, we are using different kinds of surveys to identify potential in the municipal process. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions Insight Survey as well as the process regarding the survey are jointly procured via Business Region Örebro. The municipalities find synergies of this being coordinated.

Process support

We also jointly procure other tools to secure and improve the municipal processes. The most important ones are system support, education, and, in certain cases, process support. Business Region Örebro has a natural responsibility to implement these system supports in the different businesses of the municipalities.

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Business Region Örebro

Business Region Örebro, owned by Region Örebro County, is a partnership between all municipalities of the Örebro region: Askersund, Degerfors, Hallsberg, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindeberg, Ljusnarsberg, Nora, and Örebro. Business Region Örebro manages business issues and drives growth by supporting more entrepreneurs to start up, establish, and expand their businesses in the region.

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