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We can help you find land that is suitable for logistics centers and warehouses in convenient locations across the Örebroregion. Based on your needs our experts can help you get connected to the ecosystem of top-notch companies and university.


  • We have considered various locations in Sweden for our central warehouse, but despite the fact that many pointed to other areas, we are confident that we have chosen the location that is best suited for our distribution.

    Geir Nielsen, XXL, Warehouse Manager
Klickbar karta till kommunwebbarna Lindesberg Ljusnarsberg Hällefors Nora Karlskoga Örebro Lekeberg Kumla Hallsberg Askersund Laxå

Excellent location

The Örebro region is never far away with short travelling distances between the municipal areas and to other mayor towns and cities. This is one very significant reason why more companies are choosing the Örebro region.

Year after year we are named as one of the best logistics locations in the country. This could be considered natural bearing in the mind that 70 percent of the country’s population live within 300 km. Apart from excellent rail and road links, we are proud of our expanding airport.

Örebro region