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Örebro region is close by. There are short travel times between the municipalities and several major cities.

It is super duper easy to commute. No matter if you prefer the countryside or the pulse of the citylife, there are fantasticv options in our region. Dont waste your time commuting.

We have several towns, villages and rural areas where you can find Your dream home at affordable expense -Only minutes away from work or the vibrating city life of Örebro.

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Business Region Örebro

Growth together - 11 municipalities

Business Region Örebro is a partnership between the ten municipalities in Örebro County; Askersund Hallsberg, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg, Nora and Örebro. Region Örebro County is the owner.

Business Region Örebro handles issues like business development and aims to create growth by assisting and inspire growth through new businesses, new establishments and general growth of the existing market.

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