Business Region Örebro

Relocation service

In proud colaboration with the Chamber of Commerce we can offer you an all inclusive relocation service. Here are a few things that we can assist you with:

We will prepare a pre-visit considering the needs of You and Your family. During Your visit we will talk about what it is to live here, we will tour the city, options for accomodation and living, things to do in your spare time and we will orchistrate meetings for the Your childrens new school.

Getting paperwork in order is equally important as it is a hustle. We will take care of the entire imigrationsprocess and we stay legally updated. The Chamber of Commerce is certifiet with the Swedish Migrations Authorities, which gives Uou a Fast Track in handling.

Home search
According to Your needs and wants we do searches for the best accomodations. We believe that it is important that You feel right at home. We also provide briefs about the swedish housing market and can negotiate contracts with different landlords.

Settling in
During Your first time in Your new country it can be alot to take in. We can assist You with national registration and social security number, visits at different authoroties, sign subscriptions and other thing to make You settle in fast and convenient.

Ongoing support

Depending on previous expereiences, the amount and type of questions can vary. Naturally a lot of those queastions is asked co-workers and employers. During the first 3-6 months we have an "Ongoing support" which is meant to be a relief to employers so that You can ask us the queastions while taking it all in.

Even returning back comes with a bunch of considerations. We offer You personal support in order to make departing as smooth as coming here.