Business Region Örebro

Orebro region

Örebro region is on a roll. Our businesses and our labor market is on a growing spree. Compiling the last few years the amount of businesses have increased by 25 percent. Nationwide this has not passed unnoticed.

We host more than 13 000 businesses, covering all markets and they are all doing well - ITC, Healt care, construction, banking & finance and R&D.

And it is solid

Besides a solid private sector we also have a stable and well taken care of public sector. More than 26 agencies and departements have their offices in our different municipalities. We have Departement of Transportation, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, The Swedish Prison and Probation Service och Statistics Sweden just to mention some.

We are also proud of our University. More than 17 000 students enrolled and 1 200 employees. They will make sure you can choose from 80 program and 700 kurser. With us you can pursue your dream from everything in becoming a sommelier to being a medical doctor.

Prime location

Örebroregion is close. Commuting is fast and efficient within the region and acess to our capital is swift. Stockholm is only an hour fifteen away and between Kumla and Örebro you only have to surf your phone for six minutes.

Fun fact says that Örebro inhabitants makes over 360 trips per day to Stockholm.

There is a reason why several companies choose to settle in Örebro region. For several years now we have been ranked Swedens Top 2 places to be, regarding logistics and within a 300 kilometer radius you reach 70% of the population. On top of that we work very hard to continiously improve our infrastructure.

Besides excellent road and rail infrastructure we are very proud to host Swedens 4th largest freight airport. An expansive airport that can be reached only ten minutes from your very own front door.


Population: Ap. 300 000

Labor market: The 4th largest in Sweden

Businesses: App. 23 000

Largest employers: Region Örebro län, Humana Assistans AB, Epiroc Drills AB, Örebro universitet, Ahlsell Sverige AB, SAAB Dynamics AB