Business Region Örebro


Our region is the demographic center of Sweden, which makes it possible for You to offer your customers the highest possible delivery service, reaching the Nordics and the Baltic within 12 hours! This makes us the hotspot for E-hubs and distributionscenters. Nowere else will you get closer to your customers.

Our Infrastructure is high end, conecting the nordic railway system in Hallsberg. Main roads like E18, E20 and Bergslagsdiagonalen all run through and via our region

Örebro airport is the 4th largest airport and can accomodate the largest freigheters in the world.

Ambassa -doers

Those who choose to settle here - are companies reaching for the highest possible customer experience for their Nordic and Baltic customers and at the same time achieve costefficency.

It is easy to invest in Örebro Region. We have approximately +500 acres ready zoned land.

Our advisors are ready to guide and assist you all the way to a succesfull investment.